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My Online Services


Trauma Healing with Kinesiology and Past Life Regression

Do you have physical problems or chronic pain?

Are you stuck in relationship patterns that never seem to end?

Do you have trouble finding your creativity and true power?

Is your energy body blocked and creates trouble for you?

Do you sometimes have a feeling that this is coming from your past and that you need help finding the true cause of these issues?

In a session with me, we will go to the core of your problem and find the traumas that created these issues in your past lives or childhood (mostly).
We will use effective destressing techniques to release these.

This session takes approximately 1.5 hours.



Tarot Psychic Reading with Consulting

You can come to me with questions regarding love, relationships, career, life choices, healing of trauma, and to clarify and simplify the path forward in life.

I will work with the energies around you and help you see the hidden that is affecting your situation today. This will bring you deeper understanding, insight, and healing.

I work mostly with tarot, oracle cards, and the pendulum. But I am guided by my intuition, get psychic messages, and as well use tools from my psychology and life coaching training.

I will always give you an honest direct answer and tell you what I see. Your session will be strictly confidential. 

This session is 30 or 60 minutes long.

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Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck in life and are unsure about your future?
Do you lack direction?
Do you never seem to find "your thing" in life?

Through conversation, we will bridge the gap between your current situation and the one you dream of. You will find clarity in what might be hindering you and can, therefore, work on mastering the protective strategies and patterns that no longer serve you. You will set up a goal and work towards it. With coaching, we will meet at least three times. 

This session takes approximately 1.5 hours.


Have you already been to the doctors to do a test, but they can't find everything? 

Are you bloated, have stomach pain, itches, raches, suffer from adult acne, or constantly feel tired? 

Do you want to know if the medication and supplements you take are needed and if you take the correct amount needed for you personally?

Are you curious to see if you are lacking any vitamins or minerals?

We will test foods, plants, animals, chemicals, dust, and much more. All while you will sit comfortably at home.

And we will, if you wish, de-stress all!

This session takes about 1.5 hours.


Energetic cords, also known as etheric cords, may form between co-workers, clients, spouses, family members, friends, and any love relationships These energy cords can have an unhealthy effect on your day-to-day life and your personal well-being. 

A Cord-Cutting Session will help heal your energy by removing cords that tie you to unhealthy situations or people. 

In this session, I will facilitate the removal of the energetic and emotional cords that are longer serving your highest good, freeing you of these energetic bonds. The session concludes by sealing your energy in healing protective light. 


This session takes about half an hour.

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Make your business thrive!

Contact me if you need help with boosting your online shop! I will give you honest feedback on your shop, share the best tips for increasing sales, find smart marketing solutions, and give you advice on how to save loads of time with different tools! 

I have been running a very successful Etsy shop for more than 10 years and have 20 years of experience in sales!

We will usually spend 1-3 hours together. You can also book me as a consultant to teach a larger group.


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