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Selene - Moon Goddess

The all-seeing Moon Goddess Selene came to me in time of need, one moon-lit night. In prayer, I humbly asked to be connected to a spirit guide to aid and protect me when I was giving treatments. So there she was in the sky above me, magnificent, beautiful, with a crescent moon in her forehead, in sweeping robes of gold, be-winged, holding her Titan arms along with mine, mimicking my gesture of energy healing. I asked this dazzling creature her name and in answer, I heard “Selina”. The day after a friend of mine insisted me to draw a card in her new Goddess Oracle deck. And who do I draw. Selene, of course. Since that day, Selene has been with me in every treatment I have given.

Art by LuneBleu


Selene drives her chariot across the sky each night, watching over our dreams and may grant our wishes. This Moon-Goddess never needed a temple for us to worship her, the night sky is her chapel. She is known for taking countless lovers and bearing many children. She inspires intuition and clear psychic visions. Among the Romans, she was known as Luna. Long before the Patriarchal power overtakes and the beginning of the Gregorian calendar many indigenous civilizations like the Maya, Inca, Egyptians, and Celts, all used 13 months, 28 days Moon calendar.


If Selene has driven her Chariot into your life today. Know that you have a powerful ally in the sky that you may connect with in a time of need. She advises you to trust your intuition and listen to your gut feeling in situations. She will flood you with protecting healing energies in time of need.

We sleep around a third of our life. Make that time count. See if you need to work with your dreams more in some ways. Maybe you want to become a Lucid dream expert, or are you feeling drawn to start a dream journal? Perhaps you simply want to sleep more, take more time waking up, or take time to interpret your dreams. What emotions do you feel in your nightly dreams? When do you feel like that in your daily life? See if your dream symbols want to tell you something. Trust your intuition to what is right in your life.

Know that you hold the reins of the horses pulling the chariot of your life. You are free to pull the break or keep driving forward. Know that life is ever-changing like the moon in the sky and you with it. Does your current situation feel stuck? Maybe it's time to jump off the wagon to explore new parts of yourself.

A true witch knows that she is ultimately free to follow her heart's desire; take several lovers, smoke cigars, stay up all night and howl at the moon, become a luna-tic. As long as she is not intentionally harming anyone else.


The Ceremonies and energies around the Lunar cycle:

NEW MOON - Time for transformation and new beginnings. The energies are usually lower at this time of the moon cycle. You might feel extra tired and choose to stay home instead of going out to that gathering or event. Many women have their moon blood at this time. Time to go within. Take a break from life and stay home to light a candle and make vows of what new energies you want to transform and what new beginnings you are ready for. Welcome them with an open heart. Write your wishes down and keep them safe. WAXING MOON – With the growing moon, also the energies are rising and are said to be a time when your manifestations and intentions are more easily forged. This is a time to focus on new projects and ideas. Don't wait any longer! Just do it! FULL MOON – Lunar energies are at their most powerful during the time of the full moon. Take the opportunity to clean and re-charge your crystals by putting them in a bowl of saltwater outdoors and letting the moon cleanse them of stored dense energies. This is a time to celebrate, dance, sing, receive, and feel the connection with those around us. Moon bathe and let the rays restore the energies in your body again. Step into your full potential!

WANING MOON – With the waning moon, take the opportunity to give away things, toxic relationships, and emotions that no longer serve you. Write things down or say them out loud for a heightened effect. If you write them down, burn the paper after and say: “May it be so!”

Text by Emelie Viola Vilder 11/11/21

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