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How to use a pendulum

First of all, the best way to buy your own pendulum is to go to a store and try them out. See which one you are the most drawn to. ⁠

Then ask the pendulum to calibrate for you personally. You do this by first holding the pendulum straight over your palm, then asking it to show you a "yes", and a "no". The pendulum can swing from side to side, in circles, and it can even start "jumping". See what your answer is.⁠

Then ask the pendulum if it wants to come home with you, or if it's your pendulum, and see which one works the best for you.⁠

Once you start to work with your own pendulum, make sure to use it with respect. Don't ask too many questions about the future, about other people, or about things you actually don't want to know. The best way to start using a pendulum is to ask simple questions like "is this food product good for me?" or "Will I benefit from going to this event". ⁠

If your pendulum starts to react weirdly, ask it to clarify or ask if that is a "maybe" or "not yet". Or simply ask if it's good for you to know the answer or if it's okay to ask that question. It could also mean it's time to put your pendulum down and let it rest for a while. ⁠

You can also use it to balance your chakras or energies around you. I'm sure you will get curious about all of this once you start to get into it. ⁠

Good luck! ⁠

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