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Online Therapy for Emotional Health & Clarity with 
Wild Wisdom Healing

Do you feel stuck in your old patterns? Do you struggle with letting go and feel as if you are lacking the strength to move to the next chapter in life? 

On this page, you can book an online session with kinesiology, past life regression, coaching, or tarot readings to help you clear old patterns and move forward in life.


Our session will be through Zoom, Teams, Skype, Whatsapp, or Facetime. Please let us know what you prefer while booking your treatment!

 Opening hours vary, please see the booking calendar for more details. 


Emelie Viola Vilder

Hi, my name is Emelie.


I have always worked with healing in one way or the other. My life path has taken me on journeys around the world, but now I have found myself where I started, in a little cabin in the woods, close to my hometown in Sweden. 

I see myself as an empath and witch. A good one of course. I am connected to the spirit realm and at the same time stay firm with both feet on the ground.

I work intuitively in my sessions and use many well-proven techniques of healing.  

I am here for you, everything in our sessions is completely confidential. ​

Welcome to book a treatment with me!

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